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Exercise One

1. Tom was extremely angry, but cool-headed enough to boss’s office. A.prevent 答案:D 2.A magician’s talk creates a(n) he does his tricks. A.interaction 答案:C 3.An individual bird can A.identify 答案:A the call of its own species. C.ease B.illusion C.diversion B.prohibit C.refrain

storming into the D.avoid

of attention so that people don’t see how D.difference


4.I felt I couldn’t cope with the situation and was in desperate need of some A.remark 答案:C 5.She A.extracts 答案:B 6.They can go whenever they like , well as 答案:D 7.Nowadays, there are more and more crimes A.related 答案:A 8.I’d like to A.shift 答案:D 9.Rain is expected to A.expand 答案:B to all parts of the country by this evening. B.extend C.extent D.expend five hundred dollars to my current account. B.move C.change D.transfer B.associated C.linked to drug abuse. D.connected much as I’m concerned. long as far as great satisfaction from her coin collection. B.derives C.devotes D.awaits . B.reassurance C.suggestion D.claim

10.All the materials collected for the research project on pollution are all the seniors at this college. A.accessible 答案:D 11.The two universities wil1 unite to 答案:B 12.The only A.access 答案:A 13.She likes being with young people and considers teaching a A.worth D.worthless 答案:B 14.Your story A.records 答案:D 15.It was headache. A.considerable D.considerate 答案:D 16.The corridor was dark and I A.brought 答案:C 17.Do you think there is any A.chance 答案:A 18.The manager asked me if I had had any A.early 答案:D B.original experience of the job. C.former B.condition B.damaged my head against the wall. C.bumped B.consideration C.considered of you not to play the piano while your brother had a bad me of my childhood spent in a little town. B.remembers C.remains B.worthwhile C.worse career. to the farmhouse is across the fields. B.method C.step D.means B.stage an art show next month. B.voluntary C.remarkable D.available




of him passing the entrance examination ? C.occasion D.success

D. previous

19. She did not hear what you said because she was completely A.interested D.concentrated 答案:C 20.If the suns ray are A.gathered 答案:C 21.It seemed as if all of a A.moment 答案:B 22.The news management. about 答案:A 23.The mountain climber had a A.short 答案:D 24. 答案:C 25.After that A.breathless 答案:B 26.Don’t A.intend 答案:B 27.No one has yet succeeded in explaining the A.cause 答案:D 28.Mr. Black built fences to A.mark 答案:A 29.They are nice boys and I’m sure you’ll get on B.with C.toward B.sign the boundaries of his land. C.confine B.confusion C.reason that you can succeed without hard work. B.suppose C.endeavor exercise you will feel very tireD. B.vigorous C.attentive you are here , I can leave. A.So that B.Such that C.Now that B.scarce escape from death. C.close B.came down C.took around B.sudden B.attracted C.absorbed

in reading.

on a point on the paper , the paper will catch fire. B.collected C.focused D.assembled

the animal had smelt danger in the air. C.flash D.attack

that the firm was closing down on account of bad D.went over


D.In order that


of how life began. D.puzzle them very well . D.beside

答案:B 30.As soon as he arrived , he A.set out 答案:B 31.As the shortage of certain metals approaches, others must be found to take their A.share 答案:B 32.I thought it was very A.childlish 答案:A 33.We 答案:C 34.Jackson is one of her A.favourable D.fashionable 答案:B 35.It is unfortunate that A.war 答案:C 36.A flying stone A.beat 答案:B 37.She felt quite disappointed when she found out that her friends had gone to the concert A.except 答案:A 38.They promised that no matter what might happen they would not violence. A.come 答案:D B.oppose C.respond D.resort to her. B.except for C.besides D.without him on the head and knocked him out. B.hit C.strike D.flog B.plague is on the increase in the world today. C.violence D.death singers. B.favourite C.favour the play from beginning to end. C.enjoy D.find of her to ask such a silly question. B.childlike C.child D.girl . C.role D.shape B.set about putting the house in order. C.set in D.set up

39.The garden has been A.unnoticed D.miscarried 答案:C 40.Only a little boy A.witnessed 答案:D 41. The farmers home. A.kept up with C.caught sight of 答案:C 42.Proper more pleasant. A.insults D.noises 答案:B 43.Mr.Jones said he was A.going over D.laying out 答案:B

; there are weeds growing everywhere. B.discarded C.neglected

the accident; everyone else was killed. B.underwent C.saw D. survived

a mysterious object flying over when they made their way B.made use of D.held themselves in can ease people’s relationship and make their conversation B.compliments C.verbs

the possibility of buying the house. C.holding on

B.looking into

44.In those miserable days, his kind words gave me great A.consideration D.comfort 答案:D 45.“You are not listening: I hate to be A.abrupt D.interrupted 答案:D B.interfered B.concern C.conduct


when I’m speaking!” C.paused

46.Even with his remarkable achievement, Myra’s husband still holds a position in the local government. A.treacherous 答案:C B.normal C.minor D.radical

47.That small country has A.ordered 答案:D 48.He thought it nice to A.take advantage of C.set aside 答案:A 49.We all A.set off 答案:D 50.It is very kind of you to A.see off 答案:A 51.Where did you A.pick out 答案:B 52.It isn’t D.alike 答案:C 53.She could A.make D.estimate 答案:C 54.His poor preparation A.gets to D.owes to 答案:B 55.Don’t be so A.senseless D.sensitive 答案:D B.leads to with

independence. C.exclaimed D. declared


the situation. B.catch up with D.look after

in life a helpless infant. B.set out me C.setart at the airport. C.see through D.see to D.start out

your Russian? B.pick up C.pick over D.pick on

that I should accept such an offer as that. B.likelihood C.likely

no sympathy from Jack. B.think C.expect

his failure in the test. C.dooms

, I was only joking. B.sensible C.sentimental

56.That dog is A.possible D.feasible 答案:B 57.Spare the rod, A.harm 答案:C

to bite if he is teased. B.apt C.probable

the child. B.frighten C.spoil that I often confuse them. C.unlike D. hurt

58.The twin brothers look so much A.alike D.likely 答案:A 59.They’ve lost A.contract 答案:B 60.He was very A.concerned 答案:B

with each other ever since they graduated from college. C.conduct D.contraction

of his shortcomings. B.conscious C.conscientious D.conscience

Exercise Two

1.Helen and Ruth are always at A.odd 答案:C B.loss

about some little thing. C.odds D.order

2.The woman complained, with a strong Russian accent, that she never succeeded in her husband from alcoholic drinking. A.advising 答案:B 3.To his great A.impatience 答案:C 4.Johnnie’s hard work and popularity led to his rise in salary and position. A.privilege B.compliments C.promotion D.advantage in , his son again failed to pass the examination. B.promotion C.disappointment D.excitement B.dissuading C.persuading D.pursuing

答案:C 5.With easy articles and interesting information, this newspaper is designed for readers. A.normal 答案:B 6.There are too many A.distractions 答案:A 7. While the chairman was giving a talk at the meeting, some workers at the back paid no attention and kept A.chattering D.mentioning 答案:A 8.A large proportion of the country population in China is compared with before. A.literary 答案:D 9.Having a cup of tea while reading the newspaper is one of my favorite A.manners 答案:D 10.The little girl woke up screaming because she had had a/n A.daydream 答案:C 11.Everyone has his own way of doing things, and I am no A.addition 答案:C 12.Children A.finished 答案:C 13.I’m very busy, I can’t 答案:D 14.You’ve A.affected trouble to all of us. B.caused C.produced D.realized B. stand three days away from work. C.offer D.afford all the hot dogs and hamburger on the table. B.completed C.consumed D.ended B.expectation C.exception . D.doubt B.fantasy C.nightmare . D.illusion B.occasions C.times . D. pastimes B.liberal C.literal D.literate today as . B.saying C.telling here for me to concentrate on my term paper. B.destructions C.directions D.discoveries B.average C.efficient D.literary

答案:B 15.I don’t think the rain will A.impact 答案:C 16.The women meet twice a month to business goals for each other. A.focus 答案:D 17.The minister A.refused 答案:D 18.He is a(n) A.gentleman D.politician 答案:B 19.The police found some stolen 答案:A 20.Nowadays advertising costs are no longer in reasonable cost of products. A.connection D.proportion 答案:D 21.I hate people who A.rewrite 答案:B 22.It was an A.excess D.exaggeration 答案:A 23.The money is to be used for a A.particular 答案:C B.special purpose. C.specific D.precise of enthusiasm that caused the problem. B.extra C.addition the end of a film that you haven’t seen before. B.reveal C.revise D.return B.correspondence C.relation to the total B.proof hidden in the thief’s house. C.proportion D. proposal on the subject of international law. B.authority C.nobleman reports that normalization of diplomatic relations B.declined C.rejected D.denied between the two countries might be imminent. B.indulge C.collect D.pool their ideas together and set B.influence our plan for a picnic. C.affect D.effect

24.He has no A.occasion 答案:C 25.Did you A.hear 答案:B 26.I can’t A.recite 答案:B 27.Look what father A.brought 答案:A 28.He made a lot of bad A.faults 答案:D 29.I can’t find the book A.nowhere D.somewhere 答案:B 30.Richard running for the bus. A.consented D.contested 答案:C 31.He A.left 答案:A

of winning. B.luck his lecture yesterday? B.attend C.listen C.chance D.fate

the village where we spent our holidays 20 years ago. B.recall C.remind D.relay

me when he came home from work. B.took C.carried in his composition. B.shortcomings . B.anywhere C.everywhere C.defects D. mistakes D.fetched

that his pen must have fallen from his pocket as he was B.concluded C.contended

the key on the table. B.forgot C.lost if you keep on trying. C.end D.missed

32.You’ll learn English in the D.conclusion 答案:C 33.You have to act A.rightly 答案:B B.closing

if you are to save his life. B.immediately C.immensely D.firstly

34.Mary was so cooking in the oven. A.engaged 答案:A 35.The poor driver was still 答案:C 36.I hope the stove will A.get over 答案:D 37.You should be able to A.perceive 答案:B

in writing her novel that she forgot about her dinner B.attracted C.drawn D.obliged

when we freed him from under his car. C.alive enough heat to warm the room.


B.give in

C.get out right from wrong. C.sight

D.give off


D.observe and excitement.

38.The life of an airline steward is filled with A.adventure D.developemnt 答案:A 39.John has great acting A.potential D.probability 答案:A 40. The doctor advised that he to improve his health. A.set out 答案:B 41.They plan to A.lay aside 答案:D B.set aside C.put up B.experience


, but he needs training to be a real actor. B.promotion C.possibility

a little time for physical exercises each day D.put off

a number of new products for show at the exhibition. B.lay off C.lay down D.lay out with D.exclaim

42.Understanding the English language is as important as using it to English speakers. A.mention 答案:B B.communicate C.chatter

43.Having lived in Italy for thirty years, Helen and her husband moved to make a home in New York.

A.permanent D.worthwhile 答案:A 44.Mary, are you A.supposed D.indicated 答案:A 45.His debts A.add 答案:D 46.The prisoner was A.condemned 答案:A



to take part in the game? B.disposed

to a considerable sum. B.collect C.mount D.amount

to life imprisonment. B.punished C.refuted , she came. C.gradually on his face. C.expression D.view D.lately D. disputed

47.He had been waiting for half an hour when A.lastly 答案:B 48.I could tell he was surprised from the A.appearance 答案:C B.sight B.finally

49.The chief advantage of this new model over the old one is that it is cheaper and more A.proficient 答案:C 50. 答案:D 51.I will never do such a thing on any 答案:B 52. There is no A.reason 答案:D 53.If better work gets higher pay, the workers will surely have greater produce. to in going to the cinema now as the film has already started. B.motive C.cause D.point B.account . C.accident D.matter to my expectations, I quite enjoyed myself at the party. A.Contrastive B.Constant C.Consistent D. Contrary . B.sufficient C.efficient D. deficient

A.intention D.intelligence 答案:C



54.Let me know if any difficulties A.arise 答案:A 55.It is not easy to English. A.get 答案:B 56.The Johnsons’ cat likes to 答案:D 57.Aunt Lena came to visit us at A.a foolish 答案:D 58.He A.drove 答案:B 59.We beat our A.enemy 答案:D 60.Many Americans are African by A.beginning 答案:B B.origin at football. B.rivals B.a silly B.go B.acquire B.come

. C.occur D.happen

the ability to speak fluent English or write idiomatic C.obtain D.gain

the mice as if it were playing with them. C.look time. C.a clumsy awkward

the ship carefully between the rocks. B.steered C.made D.rode

C.equals . C.start



Exercise Three

1.Many people thought he was a man of good 答案:C 2.What he did is a A.true cheating. B.plain B.calling

. C.reputation D.fame



答案:B 3.We must recover the stolen goods at all A.accounts 答案:D 4.The population of the world is growing at a dangerous A.step 答案:B 5.She told me to use my dictionary to A.look out 答案:B 6.This exercise is certainly not so difficult as it A.shows 答案:B 7.I have got to go, something has just A.come to 答案:D 8.Industrial countries A.consume 答案:A 9.Sometimes I think he isn’t quite A.good 答案:D 10.Tom A.lay 答案:A 11.The cost of living is A.roaring 答案:D 12.The new theory became widely A.received 答案:C 13.When you tell him something he always does the A.objection 答案:D B.opposing C.opposition on purpose. D.opposite B.acquired . C.spread D.obtained B.raising again. C.arousing D.rising awake all night thinking of them. B.laid C.lied D.led B.correct in the head. C.right D.sensible a great amount of raw materials. B.absorb C.apply D.employ B.come in at home and I am needed there. C.come down D. come up B.appears C.expects . D.happens B.look up anything I didn’t understand. C.look for D.look at B.rate C.measure . D. progress B.conditions . C.payments D.costs

14.It’s surprising that this innocent-looking person should have crime. A.acted 答案:B 15.He A.offered 答案:C 16.There was nobody in A.sight 分數:1.0 難易程度:1.0 答案:A 17.It is a hard and long struggle we are A.busy 答案:A 18.If you want to telephone her, you’ll have to A.look at 答案:D 19. 答案:B 20.His job as a tour guide A.accompanies 答案:D 21.The task before us A.calls up 答案:D 22.A piece of A.sensible 答案:C 23.Such kind of cartoons have great adults. A.interests 答案:D B.difference C.likeness great courage and perseverance. B.calls on C.calls forth B.includes traveling a lot around the country. C.contains , her health is much improved, but she is still not really well. A.In the way B.By the way C.On the way B.look into B.engaged with. C.striking B.glimpse when we came round the corner. C.glance me because he offered a cigarette to everyone except me. B.afforded C.offended B.committed C.finished

such a D.performed



D.going the number in the book. D.look up

C.look through

D.Under way


D.calls for

news is one that easily arouses the attention of the readers. B.senseless C.sensational D.sensitive

not only to children, but to some D.appeals

24.This kind of animal has a wide A.contribution 答案:B 25.All of us agree that he has an A.economical 答案:A 26.People can’t A.ignore attention to 答案:A 27.When business is A.distressed 答案:D 28.The wild life in Africa is extremely A.diverted 答案:B 29.One A.ingredient 答案:A 30.The following year parliament voted to A.abolish 答案:A 31.He made a(n) A.positive 答案:A B.abandon B.diverse B.economic B.distribution

all over the world. C.tribute housewife. C.economy D.economics D.attribution

the fact that China is still a developing country. B.overlook C.neglect no

, there is usually an increase in unemployment. B.displeased C.declined . C.various D.variable D.depressed

needed when making a cake is flour; another is sugar. B.factor C.stuff D.matter

the death penalty for murder. C.confirm D.promote

contribution to the discussion. C.optimistic D.confident .

32.The completion of the transcontinental railroad was an important A.incident 答案:C 33.The plant A.makes 答案:B 34.Ministers are under no A.implication D.manufactures electricity for the entire city. B.generates C.forms B.accident C.event D.matter

to follow the committee’s recommendation. C.evidence D.position


答案:B 35.The PLA soldiers were rain. A.enforcing 答案:B 36.Princess Anne’s wedding was a A.spectacle 答案:D 37.As part of their advertising campaign, they distributed shampoo. A.similarities 答案:D 38.She was A.counting on 答案:A 39.You must A.distort 答案:B 40.Experts say that the complex organizational life of ants should be attributed to A.instinct 答案:A 41.You can know a man by the A.controversy 答案:D 42.The river’s name A.deprives 答案:B 43.Susie’s school work is well above A.common 答案:B 44.Human beings have A.adapted themselves to very diverse environments with the B.adopted C.adept D.addicted help of fire, agriculture and machines. B.average . C.normal D.ordinary from an Indian chief. B.originates C.descends D.orients B.comparison he keeps. C.corporation . B.distinct C.impulse D.species yourself or they will continue to bully you. B.assert C.elicit D.adapt the grant money to pay her way through graduate school. B.coping with C.coming about D.carrying out B.sentiments C.examples D.samples of the new B.perspective affair. C.spacious D.spectacular B.reinforcing C.incorporating D.integrating the dam with sandbags in spite of the heavy

答案:A 45.They stayed up late trying to A.let 答案:D 46.His art criticism has A.external 答案:A 47.The nurses do all they can to make the patients feel stake 答案:B 48.Short-term sufficiency lulled them into A.constancy 答案:C 49.The talks had been A.fruitful 答案:A 50.People have little information on the A.extent 答案:A 51.We are in A.favor 答案:A 52.There are no contradictions that are not A.achievable 答案:C 53.This middle school is A.attained 答案:C 54.Farmers will have a bumper harvest, A.consuming D.resuming 答案:B B.assuming that the whether is favorable. C.assuring B.attacked to a key university. C.attached D. attracted B.accessible at the meeting. C.avoidable D. attracted of extra pay for extra work. B.light C.view D.terms B.range of air pollution near the factory. C.length D.limit but much remained to be done. B.effective C.advantageous D.valid B.reluctancy about the long-term threat. C.complacency D.contentment ease hand . random brilliance but no substance. B.expectant C.experimental D.exclusive B.knock out a way to solve the problem. C.give D.figure

55.This might explain the A.intuitive D.incentive 答案:A 56.He came to the meeting A.despite 答案:A 57.Say A.frequently 答案:D 58.Under his leadership the A.police 答案:D B.politics

feeling I have long had about pop music. C.inventive


his serious illness. spite D. although

B.despite that

what you mean and then there will be no misunderstanding. B.eventually C.necessarily of expansion was carried out. C.polish D.policy D. precisely

59.The workers are well aware that if they undertake this project they will inevitably many difficulties, even hazards. A.find 答案:C 60.The A.influence 答案:B of the pill is beginning to have on the patients. B.effect C.affect D.impact C.encounter D.catch

Exercise Four

1.These sessions are designed to A.format 答案:B 2.She A.oppressed 答案:C 3.A lot of people looked on him 答案:C B.for B.foster

better working relationships. C.former D.forever

a strong desire to scream for help. B.repressed C.suppressed an authority. D.embarrassed

4.England is A.isolated D.distinguish 答案:B

from France by the Channel. B.separated C.distributed

5.You’ll get more skillful at this job as you A.go down 答案:C B.go up

. C.go along D.go over the D.set out

6.The bank manager asked his assistant if it was possible for him to investment plan within a week. out 答案:A 7.Too much the body. A.disclosure D.exposure 答案:D 8.Alice A.convinced 答案:A 9. I’d like to take A.profit 答案:C 10.Political parties often differ in their views on various own countries. A.ways 答案:C 11.It is important in scientific experiments that all the conditions should be A.constant 答案:A 12.Topics for conversation should be the students. A.remarkable B.relevant C.inevitable D.brilliant . B.instant C.distant B.measures C.issues B.exhibition B.put out C.make out

to X-rays can cause skin burns, cancer or other damage to

her father that both she and her husband would be happy if he B.convicted C.demanded D.required

would live with them.

of this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation. B.benefit C.advantage D.interests concerning their D.patterns


to the experiences and interests of

答案:B 13.Many scientists believe that man is A.descended D.proceeded 答案:B 14.I should like to rent a house, modern, comfortable and environment. A.for all 答案:D 15.The temperature in their city on a summer’s day A.differs 答案:C 16.Income tax rates are A.based 答案:A 17.Our main concern is to A.raise 答案:A 18.We must A.assure 答案:B 19.To a first year student, the doctoral degree is a distant A.aspect 答案:C 20.His training A.equals 答案:B 21.When will our plane A.take away 答案:B 22.Icy roads and poor visibility are familiar A.chances D.accidents 答案:B B.hazards in the Midwest. C.conditions ? B.take off C.take up D.take on him as a teacher of English. B.qualifies C.matches D.fits B.respect C.prospect . D.expect that the experiment is controlled as rigidly as possible. B.ensure C.reassure D.rescue B.arise the living standard of the people. C.rise D.arouse B.reliant on one’s annual income. C.associated D.related B.numbers C.ranges from 28℃ to 36℃. D.keeps B.first of all C.after all D.above all in a quiet B.evolved from apes. C.revolved

23. The sound was so it. A.soft 答案:B B.faint

that only those with excellent hearing were aware of C.little D.gentle a maximum of 65 miles an hour C.exceed D.suppress

24.In the United States, drivers must not on a freeway. A.overtake 答案:C 25.His plan was A.dejected D.subjected 答案:C 26.The failure of the project might be A.blamed D.presented 答案:C 27.Air conditioning protects industrial workers environment. 答案:C 28.The children’s ages are 10,12, and 14, A.respectively D.respectfully 答案:A B.responsibly B.beyond C.from B.criticized by the committee. B.projected B.pass


to a lack of funds. C.attributed

harmful fumes in the D.above . C.respectably

29.I can’t read the marks and notes Jenny made in the margin because they are too A.blurred 答案:A 30.The police A.committed D.threatened 答案:B 31. The two companies have embarked on a joint A.adventure B.venture to produce cars in China. C.revenue D.venue him of stealing a car. B.accused C.charged . B.misty C.transparent D.opaque

答案:B 32.Electronics is the A.bias 答案:B 33.We have already A.taken over 答案:D 34.Please A.move 答案:B 35.The ambassador’s next A.assignment D.assessment 答案:A 36.In an emergency we can always A.fall behind 答案:C 37.The wind A.followed 答案:D 38.I felt nothing but A.challenge 答案:B 39.I learned that the next entertainment would Golden Harvest. A.consist 答案:A 40.Dictionaries should be put where they will be easily A.accessible D.accidental 答案:A 41. In the A.light 答案:A of her son’s comment she reconsidered the scene at the mosque. B.view C.opinion D.condition B.accessory C.acceptable . B.insist C.persist D.assist of a ballet entitled The for such dishonest behavior. B.contempt C.charge D.choke us and we won the sailing race. B.featured C.feared D.favored B.fall into our savings. C.fall back on D.fall through will be to India. B.assumption C.aspiration your bag from the seat so that I can sit down. B.remove C.mind D.remind too much of your valuable time. B.taken out C.taken hold of D.taken up B.basis of all telecommunications system. C.bargain D.barrier

42.As is well-known, he is A.adopt 答案:C B.adapt

at organizational work. C.adept D.adequate that nothing had

43.Henry’s news report covering the conference was so been omitted. A.apprehensive C.comprehensive 答案:C 44.Her display of bad temper completely A.harmed 答案:C B.damaged the party. C.spoilt B.comprehensible D.understandable


45.The farmers were more anxious for rain than the people in the city because they had more length 答案:C 46.As she A.folded 答案:C 47.Drastic measures were adopted to A.deduce 答案:B 48.The two countries have A.contained 答案:B 49.Well, let’s put our heads together and find answer 答案:C 50.The world market is make timely adjustments. A.regularly 答案:D 51.By the strange A.combination 答案:C , we happened to be travelling on same train. B.chance C.coincidence D.meeting B.steadily C.scarcely D.constantly changing. We must anticipate the changes and B.a way to the problem. C.a solution D.a method friendly relations for many years. C.remained D.entertained B.maintained B.reduce government spending. C.induce D.lighten the book, she found it worth buying. B.extended C.skimmed D.skipped . last stake ease

52.It has been revealed that some government leaders position to get illegal profits for themselves. A.employ 答案:C 53.There are certain middle of doing something. A.conditions 答案:C 54.We welcome rain, but an A.extensively 答案:B 55.They claim that crisis. A.sufficiently 答案:D B.properly C.considerably B.extremely B.situations C.occasions D.environments B.take C.abuse

their authority and D.overlook

when you must interrupt people who are in the

large amount of rainfall will cause floods. C.specially D.constantly

1,000 factories closed down during the economic D.approximately

56.It is quite necessary for a qualified teacher to have good manners and knowledge. A.extensive D.expensive 答案:A 57.Children are very curious heart 答案:D 58.Man should A.make the most of C.make from 答案:A 59.It brought great A.disagreement D.disbelief 答案:B to the Russians that they were the first to orbit the B.excitement C.disappointment earth, as well as being the first to launch a man into space. the natural resources. B.make of D.make up of person . C.on purpose nature B.expansive C.intensive

60.It was totally get out of the country. A.unsuitable 答案:D

that the escaped prisoner should use a major airport to B.uncertain C.impossible D.unexpected

Exercise Five

1.The food smells very good, but what does it A.taste 答案:A B.feel C.try

like? . D.examples . D.failed

2.The biologist often goes to the mountain to collect insect A.representative 答案:B 3.Jack is a poor shot; he fired twice at the rabbit and A.wasted 答案:B 4.Her husband A.governs 答案:D 5.He examined the plans and then said he had no A.denial 答案:B 6.As you are sixty-three years old, you are A.improper D.unsuitable 答案:D 7.The clock was A.beating 答案:B 8.In the A.lack 答案:D eleven as I went upstairs to bed. B.striking C.ringing B.inconvenient for this job. C.mistaken B.objection C.blame to them. a small shop in the town. C.leads B.missed C.lost B.specimens C.samples




of proof, the police could not take action against the man. B.shortage C.want D.absence

9.There in the rural area, we established our first revolutionary 答案:B 10.A dentist A.inserts 答案:C 11.What is being discussed bores me to death. Let’s change to another A.topic 答案:A 12.When you bend your elbow, the muscles of the arm A.contract 答案:A 13.Things hardly A.reached 答案:C 14.When the men finish work in the daytime, the night 答案:B 15.The construction of the building has been A.held off 答案:C B.held on by the heavy rain. C.held up B.shift C.sheet are longer retained.. B.achieved C.obtained B.decrease C.shorten . B.technique C.object the pupil’s teeth twice a year.. B.respects C.inspects B.base D.basis


D.insects . D. intention


D.arrived starts to work. D.shade

D.held in

16.For a whole month she stayed in the hospital ward and not once did she visit her home for fear of carrying the A.infection 答案:A 17.The new laws under that dictator freedoms. A.deprive 答案:A 18.His tone A.brought 答案:B his fear feeling more truly than his words. B.conveyed C.handed D.fetched B.snatch C.depress D.deceive many people of the most elementary B.affection to her child. C.defection D. injection

19.The original manuscripts of Shakespeare’s plays are no longer in A.evidence D.resistance 答案:C 20.Overwork often A.deduces 答案:D B.practice C.existence


illness. You must be careful about your health now. B.reduces C.introduces D. produces

21.Although the hazards of space travel are many, the rewards make it a worthwhile endeavor. “Hazards” can be replaced by A.expenses D.risks 答案:D 22.Between now and when you die, you will you will on any other single activity. 答案:B 23.The A.atmosphere 答案:A 24.Work on the new theatre has been financial problems. A.set off 答案:B 25. He didn’t plan to buy the car, but a sudden A.image 答案:C 26.Mary needs to move to a better apartment. Do you know of any in the neighborhood? A.empty 答案:C 27.Tom made a A.campaign 答案:D with his hand, as if to tell me to keep back. B.emotion C.movement D.motion B.blank C.vacant D.bare ones B.impression made him change his mind. C.impulse D.indication B.set back C.set on D.set about for three months because of over dinner was warm and friendly. B.condition C.situation D.air B.spend C.cost D.take more hours on work than B.difficulties . C.pressures

28.He thought that heroes were merely ordinary people who fell into situation. A.typical 答案:B 29.Because of the bad weather condition, there have been many traffic recently. A.cases 答案:B 30.The brakes for my motorcycle don’t work. Can you A.assemble 答案:B 31.My assistant is not qualified enough. I’ve given her notice to A.resign 答案:A 32.I am A.reluctant 答案:A 33.Tom A.complied 答案:C 34.Please A.pass 答案:A 35.People living in the locality complain of the traffic noises which at night. A.disturb 答案:A 36.We were completely A.worn off 答案:C 37.This heavy traffic is A.normal 答案:A B.natural for this time of the day. C.formal D.actual when we finally reached the destination. B.worn down C.worn out D.worn away B.prevent C.bother D.interfere them my best regards to your family. B.transform C.transmit D.transfer what he had learned in class to the new experiment. B.replied C.applied D.implied to sell my car, but I have to do it because I need the money. B.relative C. religious D.residential B.hire C.quit D.remain . B.fix C.operate them for me? D.resemble B.accidents C.affairs D.matters B.unusual C.exciting D.interesting

38.Please don’t hesitate to A.connect 答案:D 39.It’s no use talking only. Let’s A.look down 答案:C 40.Of course he behaves awfully, but A.above all 答案:C B.conduct

us if additional information is required. C.confirm to some solid work. C.get down he is your brother. C.after all D.for all D. stand up

B.keep up

B.all over

41.When you apply for your passport to be renewed, you have to send a photograph. A.fresh 答案:C 42.I warned him time and again, but he took no A.concern 答案:B 43.Many residents A.criticize 答案:C 44.We should not be A.invisible 答案:C 45.In some countries private citizens are and firearms. A.prohibited 答案:A 46.I am sure he is A.satisfied 答案:C 47. The Chinese dialects A.vary 答案:A B.change so widely that the speech of Beijing, for example, C.spread D.range is as different from the speech of Guangzhou as English is from German. to the job if only he would give his mind to it. B.confirmed C.equal D.determined B.forbidden C.suppressed D.restricted from carrying and using guns of the progress being made in other countries. B.unclear C.ignorant D.senseless about their irregular bus services. B.comment C.complain D.condemn B.notice C.attention of it. D.regard B.present C.recent D.modern

48.There is a mystery about his death and the police are A.looking for C.looking after 答案:B 49.A A.routine 答案:A 50.It is difficult to frequent and unpredictable. A.explain 答案:C 51.The journalist claimed that the information came from a A.confident 答案:D 52.I quarrel with him A.all times 答案:C 53.When he was in prison he was not allowed to A.commit D.command 答案:B 54.The policeman A.rushed into 答案:C 55.Six o’clock is his A.frequent 答案:B 56.When I am tired I frequently make silly arithmetical A.mistakes 答案:A 57.The A.violent 答案:A earthquake left 3,000 homeless. B.extensive C.endless B.follies C.faults hour for getting up. B.regular C.uniform the thief in the forest. B.ran C.hunted down B.communicate but usually not very seriously. time times B.dependent C.trustful B.indicate C.describe medical checkup is advisable at least once a year. B.necessary C.normal B.looking into D.looking over



the climate of England because the variations are so D.remark source. D.reliable

D.on time with his family.



D.settled . D.defects


58.They A.fought 答案:C

the aid of the United States but did not receive it. B.found C.sought D.obtained tomorrow. C.meanings D.minds

59.We shall have an opoortunity to exchange A.sights 答案:B 60.This shirt is much A.worse 答案:C B.views

to the one I bought last week. B.lower C.inferior D.equal

Exercise Six

1.You should not A.expose 答案:B

too much from him. B.expect D.experience .

2.The novel ended happly, and the young couple were married in the 答案:C 3.The desert was regarded as A.uncertain 答案:C 4.I A.amuse 答案:D 5.Living here at the top of the mountain with no one else near you must be very A.lonely 答案:A 6.It was a good game, and at the end the A.account 答案:C B.mark . B.alone C.single D.sole watching this program because it is very interesting. B.please C.delight D.enjoy B.unable for settlement. C.unfit D.unlike B.closing C.end


was Argentina 3, Germany 2. C.score D.record

7.I didn’t know what to do but then an idea suddenly A.occurred D.lighted 答案:A 8.Is there anyone who A.differs 答案:D 9.Our public transportation system is not A.complete 答案:B 10.Tom and I are A.looking for C.looking to 答案:B 11.Smoking in bed A.burns 答案:D 12.The United States A.possesses 答案:D 13.Solar cells have been developed primarily to spacecraft. 答案:B 14.I don’t think I could A.put up 答案:C 15.Good A.fortune 答案:B 16.He is the most A.public 答案:B singer in his country. B.popular C.populous ! I hope you win the race. B.luck C.chance another night without sleep. B.endeavor C.stand B.provide C.apply 1000 fires a year. B.catches C.keeps seeing you, so don’t disappoint us! B.adequate B.happened C.appeared

to me.

the plan put forward by the committee? B.disagrees C.objects D.opposes

for the needs of the people. C.normal D.perfect

B.looking forward to D.looking after


a population of over 200 million. B.contains C.owns D.has electric power for D.ensure




17.He’s far A.advanced 答案:D

of the others in mathematics. B.forward . C.look D.reach D.ahead

18.He stood waving until the train was out of A.scene 答案:B 19.What you say is, in a A.sense D.significance 答案:A 20.The police took drastic A.ways 答案:D B.methods B.sight

, true; but I should express it differently. B.meaning C.concept

to crack down the criminals. C.procedures D.steps .

21.We regret to inform you that the materials you ordered are A.out of work C.out of stock 答案:C 22.The teacher explained the lesson all 答案:B 23.The neighbour’s windows A.overhear 答案:C 24.She did not study hard, so she had to take the A.consequences 答案:A 25. question. A.Each 答案:C 26.Modern industry A.rests D.competes 答案:C B.Either C.Any B.effects . C.sequences B.overtake our garden. C.overlook length to the students. leisure B.out of reach D.out of practice large


D. outcome

student with a little common sense should be able to answer the D.One

in opportunities for young men with imagination. B.develops C.abounds


no one present at the meeting agreed with the speaker. His suggestions seemed so impractical. A.Superbly D.Invariably B.Virtually C.Remarkably

答案:B 28. The coming of the railways in the 1830s A.transformed D.transplanted 答案:A 29.Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the most Europe. A.densely 答案:A 30.The police set a A.plan 答案:C 31.In America, the lawyers and doctors charge a lot of A.fines 答案:B 32.Mary was asked to A.identify 答案:A 33. To call the music of another music-culture “primitive” is standards on a group that does not recognize them. A.imposing 答案:A 34.While in London, we paid a visit to the hospital founded Florence Nightingale. place of with 答案:B 35. The three partners in the business agreed to their investment. A.spread B.share C.separate the profits in proportion to honor of favor of line the nurse B.forcing C.emphasizing D.putting one’s own the man who stole her purse. B.recognize C.claim D.confirm B.fees for their services. D.fares to catch the thieves. B.device C.trap D.trick B.vastly C.enormously D.largely populated regions of Western B.translated our society and economic life. C.transcended

答案:B 36.There was a large crowd of demonstrators A.protecting D.prosecuting 答案:C 37.To a novice, problems and trials seem to come A.successfully D.sufficiently 答案:C 38.He made such a the new buildings after him. A.generous 答案:A 39.Having been found guilty, the man was given a severe A.crisis 答案:B 40.I want to buy a new tie to A.go into 答案:C 41.The public service industries are rapidly A.expending D.stretching 答案:B 42.If I take this medicine twice a day, it should A.heal 答案:B 43. The banker offered to 15 percent interest. A.borrow 答案:B 44.Conservative(保守的) people tend to A.stick to 答案:A B.owe to traditional ideas. C.set aside D.add to C.lend D.leave us some money, but at an annual charge to us of B.cure C.treat my cold. D.recover B.expanding in China. C.spending B.go after this brown suit. C.go with D.go by B.sentence C.crime by the judge. D.service B.minimum C.modest D.genuine contribution to the university that they named one of B.seriously . C.successively B.preserving against the war. C.protesting

45.The development of industry architecture. A.effected D.instructed 答案:C 46.My A.manner 答案:B 47.John A.preferred 答案:B 48.Disabled people should not be A.forbidden 答案:D 49.The Prime Minister refused to give up his position. A.relate 答案:C 50.What a A.enormous D.wonderful 答案:D 51.He has the A.capability D.personality 答案:A 52.He A.tends 答案:A 53.This hotel 答案:D B.treat B.prevented B.assented

the attitudes of men toward art and C.influenced

to this problem is quite different from his. B.approach C.behavior D.means

the results of the election with amazing accuracy. B.predicted C.prepared D.entailed

the chances to study in university. C.withheld D.denied

on the rumour that he had planned to C.comment D.state

party it’s been! I have enjoyed every minute of it. B.worthy C.content

of saying the right thing at the right time. B.advantage C.intelligence

to get ill-tempered when he is drunk. B.tests C.testifies D.tempts

$ 60 for a single room with bath. B.demands C.prices D.charges

54.His courage and confidence were A.relied on D.depended on 答案:C 55.Where did you A.lay 答案:A 56.It’s my turn on D.obligation 答案:C 57. A.Bring 答案:B 58.They say more boys are born than girls a whole whole 答案:A 59.The chairman A.awoke D.introduced 答案:B 60.He is an honest official and never his help. A.received 答案:C B.expected whole B.founded on

knowledge. C.based on

the magazine I was reading? B.lie C.remain D.let

tonight, but I don’t feel at all well. B.task C.duty

these books to the library, as they will soon be overdue. B.Take C.Fetch . C.wholly D.on the D.Leave

a question for discussion. B.presented C.arose

any gifts from people who sought C.accepted D.took up

Exercise Seven

1.I suddenly A.realized D.happened 答案:A

that it was past ten o’clock. B.recognized C.understood

2.The author of the report is well A.informed D.acknowledged 答案:B B.acquainted

with the problems in the hospital C.enlightened

because he has been working there for many years.

3.The ship’s generator broke down, and the pumps had to be operated instead of mechanically. A.manually D.synthetically 答案:A 4.We’ll visit Europe next year A.lest 答案:D 5.My father seemed to be in no A.mood 答案:A 6.I was advised to arrange for insurance A.because of 答案:C 7.The committee is totally A.opposed of against 答案:C 8.When he realized the police had spotted him, the man quickly as possible. A.made off B.made for C.made out D.made up the exit as any changes being made in the plans. C.opposed to D.opposed B.opposed on B.even if I needed medical treatment. case that B.emotion to look at my school report. C.attitude D.feeling B.until we have enough money. C.unless D. provided B.artificially C.automatically

答案:B 9.Purchasing the new production line will be a A.profitable 答案:A 10. Though he was born and brought up in America, he can speak A.smooth 答案:B 11.He is year. A.optimistic 答案:A 12.The director was A.good 答案:C 13.In a sudden A.attack 答案:B 14.He is late again today. I can A.suspect 答案:C 15.Changing from solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near it, and this A.absorption 答案:A 16.A love marriage does not necessarily responsibilities. over 答案:B 17. These international events seem likely to that emerged in the 1990s. A.adverse 答案:C 18.Money A.spreads as it goes from person to person. B.scatters C.circulates D.distributes B.converse C.reverse D.universe , or at least weaken, the trends B.result from C.take over D.keep to much sharing of interests and _________ produces artificial cold surrounding it. B.consumption C.description D.prescription B.gamble that he will be late tomorrow. D.swear of anger, the man tore up everything within reach. B.burst C.split D.blast of the way we were doing the work. B.diligent C.critical D.skillful B.optional C.outstanding D.obvious about his chances of winning a gold medal in the Olympics next B.fluent C.fluid Chinese. D.flowing B.tremendous C.forceful deal for the company. D.favorite

答案:C 19.Many elderly people have to live on the money they working. A.set off 答案:C 20.The grading of the oral test was quite results were fair. A.subjective 答案:C 21.They have A.continued 答案:D 22.Pioneers from New England A.merged 答案:B 23.He sank into A.destruction 答案:B 24.They would receive government. A.intensive 答案:A 25. When the whole area was by helicopter. A.cut away 答案:D 26.Some old people don’t like pop songs because they can’t noise. A.resist 答案:C 27.I can’t A.consider 答案:B his ability without seeing his work. B.evaluate C.think D.expect B.sustain C.tolerate D.undergo so much B.cut down C.cut up D.cut off by the flood, the government sent food there B.massive C.striking D.exterior training under the watching eyes of the after his business failed. B.despair C.shortage D.chaos B.migrated to all parts of the U.S. C.survived D.swayed what I suspected long ago. B.contained C.convinced D.confirmed B.optimistic C.objective D.pessimistic , so most students thought the B.set up C.set aside D.set out when they were

28.He was hit by a falling stone and killed the spot 答案:B 29.Those who write good stories for children are A.imagination 答案:B 30.She got into a real A.panic 答案:A 31.Students’ interests were quite A.extinct 答案:C 32.We’ve A.covered 答案:A 33.The sun was not high enough yet to A.pass 答案:B 34.She may be A.answered 答案:B 35.No two leaves from the same tree are A.identical 答案:A 36.The educational plan will fail because it has no A.variation 答案:D B.version B.original . B.penetrate B.instinct B.imaginative B.on the spot

. C.on a spot a spot writers. D.imaginable


when she thought she’d lost all her keys. B.anxiety C.fear

from those of the workers. C.distinct D.distinctive

a wide range of subjects in today’s class. B.talked C.spread D.spoke

the thick leaves overhead. C.cross D.frustrate

if you don’t accept her apology and forgive her. B.anger C.eager D.animated

C.analytical .


C.vacation them in D.confront

37.One method by which stores advertise their goods is to attractive ways in the store windows. A.convey 答案:B 38.Mark offered to help me to learn English A.on duty 答案:D vain . C.on purpose B.display C.consult earnest

39.Whether he can pass the examination is thought to be abroad. A.personal 答案:B 40. A.Except 答案:D B.crucial C.conventional

for his going D.special

the advances of science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be with us. B.Besides C.As for D.Despite

41.A large part of human activity, particularly in relation to the environment, is conditions or events. contrast to 答案:B 42.Mary and her father are 答案:D 43.Children are A.apparent 答案:C 44.This is a(n) action. A.abstract 答案:C 46.They are not the kind of people to A.yield 分數:1.0 難易程度:1.0 答案:A 47.The French pianist who had been praised very highly disappointment. A.displayed 答案:B 48.Half the people didn’t in 答案:D off until nine o’clock. to up B.proved C.showed D.turned up to be a great B.classify to threats. C.contend D.comply B.amazing C.critical D.ambitious time in his life, so he may think twice before taking any to have some accidents as they grow up. B.obvious C.bound D.keen B.likely in many ways. C.parallel D.similar response to favor of charge of

49.The topic is 答案:B 50.I was A.brought forth 答案:C 51.I’m sorry to A.cut across 答案:C 52.A fire A.broke up 答案:D

my field. B.beyond C.below D.beneath

by my grandmother in the western suburbs of Hangzhou. B.brought about C.brought up D.brought out

on your conversation. B.cut out C.cut in D.cut down

during the night when all the workers were asleep. B.broke through C.broke in rain. C.huge D.large in the D.inspiration D.broke out

53.The plane took off despite the A.heavy 答案:A B.great

54.Carter agreed to try to reduce American oil imports and control United States. A.infection 答案:B 55.After Tom passed his driving test, he license. A.figured out 答案:B 56.The servant was A.neglected 答案:C 57.He tried his best to friendliness. A.face 答案:B 58.It rained A.almost 答案:A all night. B.mostly C.really B.conceal C.reveal for being lazy and dishonest. B.ignored C.dismissed D.sent B.filled out C.filled up D.fed up B.inflation C.inspection

an application for his driver’s

his enmity(敵意) under an appearance of D.present


59.Regular exercises is A.fatal 答案:B B.good

for your health. C.useful D.relevant from the very beginning of C.takes place D.takes turns

60.The new appointment of our schoolmaster next semester. A.takes effect 答案:A B.takes part

Exercise Eight

1.The committee A.achieved 答案:B 2.She asked that the letter be secret. A.eliminated 答案:C 3.You are always A.thinking 答案:D 4.A dog was over 答案:A

a conclusion only after days of discussion. B.reached C.arrived D.completed

in order that the contents should remain a C.destroyed D.wiped out


fault with what I do. B.seeking by a bus and killed. B.knocked over C.felled down where. C.remind D.recall D.tripped up C.discovering D.finding

5.I know I have seen that man before. I can’t A.wonder 答案:D 6.Can you A.instruct 答案:C 7.Now that I have lost the notes, we’ll have to A.remain 答案:D B.come C.stay me to the library, please? B.describe B.recognize

D.appoint without them. D.go

8. 答案:B

, that step is not safe! B.Look out C.Look up D.Look down fire. D.set all night. C.soundly D.quickly

A.Look around

9.He was standing by an electric heater, and his nightdress A.took 答案:B 10.In spite of the thunderstorm, the children slept A.noisily 答案:C 11.The visit of the President will increase the A.peace 答案:C 12.I do wish you could A.paste 答案:A 13.He left the spot immediately, afraid of being A.connected 答案:D 14. As the dictionary says, “graciousness” generous. A.literally 答案:A 15.We don’t believe that those special kinds of leaves are A.compulsive 答案:B 16.The plan had been A.called off 答案:A 17.Whenever I saw her, she was always A.concentrating 答案:A 18.A lot of students had A.involved 答案:D B.concluding , which made him very angry. B.called up C.called in B.edible C.ridiculous . B.gracefully C.polarly B.taken C.seated these sheets of paper together. C.mend B.knowledge B.sensitively B.caught C.started

between the two countries. C.understanding D.assistance

D.patch in the car accident. D.involved

means being polite, kind and D.constantly


D.called on

her efforts on learning. C.commanding D.conducting

in the activity organized by the English Corner. B.associated C.taken D.participated

19.Dixon wondered how the dragon could A.represent 答案:A B.compose

China. C.publish . D.reluctance D.coordinate

20.The old man doesn’t like being taken out of his daily A.trifle 答案:B 21.In Britain today women up 答案:C 22.Now Thomson has obtained investigation. A.comment 答案:D 23.I spent the whole day repairing the car. The work was A.nothing but but 答案:B 24.Many youngsters find it harder to A.approve 答案:C 25.I don’t care who you are, where you are from, and what you do, love me. that 答案:C 26.It is well admitted that the high communicate. A.unemployment B.divorce 答案:B C.birth B.although long as B.anticipate B.anything but C.something but C.determination B.stand up B.routine C.frustration

44% of the workforce, and nearly half the C.make up D.keep up

mothers with children are in paid work.

from his boss to extend the field of his D.permission easy. D.everything

classical music than pop music. C.appreciate D.appoint you D.even if

rate is caused in part by failure to D.inflation

27.It is expected that immigrants have been able to raise their standard of by coming to the United States. 答案:B C.lives D.leaf

28.Mark A.occupied 答案:D

to help me to learn English in earnest. B.occurred C.opened D.offered

29.The lecturer continued that A.civil 答案:A 30.It is a A.complaint 答案:B 31.He drove to the airport to Britain. A.pick up 答案:A B.set out B.civic

law was different to criminal law. C.cultural D.defense

for a city official to take tax money for his own use. B.scandal C.praise D.wonder

Mr. Dixon who came to see him from for D.tune down

32.Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first A.intention 答案:B 33.It is so heavy that it can only be lifted with our A.joint 答案:A 34.She A.considers 答案:A 35.You cannot see the patient at the moment; he is now under medical A.development 答案:C 36.As you know, our company is comprised of several important A.commodities 答案:C 37.Barbara times. A.consisted 答案:C B.insisted C.persisted D.assisted in doing it again though she had failed more than a dozen B.functions C.branches . D.interactions B.cure C.treatment D.agreement . crying very helpful to express her sadness. B.confirms C.believes D.pretends B.equal C.apt effort. D.together B.attempt . C.purpose D.desire

38.Very few experts economic problems. A.come to 答案:D

with completely new answers to the world’s B.come round C.come on . C.attraction . C.common D.usual power for D.elastic D.satisfaction D.come up

39.The car was repaired but not quite to my 答案:D 40.They seem to have no interest in 答案:C B.ordinary B.pleasure

41.Solar cells have been developed primarily to provide spacecraft. A.elective 答案:C 42.I can’t A.rely on 答案:D 43. Because of the A.large 答案:B 44.Whether he can pass the examination is thought to be a going abroad. A.personal 答案:C B.special C.decisive that loud music. B.put out C.hold on to B.electric C.electronic

D.put up with

emphasis placed on classroom work, the instructor will B.stong C.hard D.high factor for his D. conventional

report your absences to the adviser.

45.Every time he thought of the innocent people he killed in China, his was troubled. A.conversation 答案:C 46.It does not alter the fact that he was the man girl. A.accounting 答案:C B.guilty C.responsible D.obliged for the death of the little B.consideration C.conscience D.convenience

47.Medical care reform has become this country’s most important public health A.question 答案:D 48.I used to smoke A.seriously 答案:B 49.The doctor told Penny that too much 答案:A 50.Young adults A.other than 答案:D 51. If you suspect that the illness might be serious you should not the doctor. A.put off 答案:A 52.If you want to know the train schedule, please A.acquire 答案:B 53.Every autumn the bears can be seen people. A.wandering 答案:A 54.In preparing scientific reports of laboratory experiments, a student should his findings in logical order and clear language. A.furnish 答案:D 55.She will have to A.admire 答案:D 56.I send you my best wishes this happy occasion. C.on D.with herself to new conditions when she goes abroad. B.adopt C.advise D.adjust B.propose C.raise D.present B.wondering C.winding D.wounding around this town of about 800 B.inquire C.request at the booking office. D.require B.hold back C.put aside D.hold up going to older people are more likely to prefer pop songs. B.more than C.less than D.rather than B.extension D.consideration is bad for the health. C.exhibition but I gave it up three years ago. B.heavily C.badly D.severely . B.stuff C.matter D.issue

答案:C 57.All the company’s employees are to 30 days. A.given 答案:C 58.He was A.sorry 答案:C 59. As the result of the joint efforts the epidemic of cholera (霍亂) region. A.died away 答案:B 60.People coming and going were A.related to 答案:D B.included in strict investigation. C.submitted to D.subjected to B.died out C.broke down D.broke off in the of having asked such a silly question. B.guilty C.ashamed D.envious B.offered C.entitled D.supplied to an annual paid leave of from 24

Exercise Nine

1.Any student who A.reduces 答案:D

his homework is unlikely to pass the examination. B.offends C.practices D.neglects

2.He is looking after three orphans nine children to provide for. addition to 答案:A 3.The official A.refused 答案:A 4.“What’s A.wrong with him?” B.fault “He complains about a pain in his leg.” B.except

his own six children, so now he has C.beside D.instead of

to comment on the rumor that he had planned to resign. B.repeated C.recommended D.referred



答案:A 5.When she A.came out 答案:B 6.You’ll get more skillful at handling difficult situations as you A.go down 答案:C 7.Many people complain about the rapid A.rate 答案:B 8.He seemed to be A.incapable 答案:A 9.Although the weather was very bad, the buses still ran on A.list 答案:C 10.The car A.pulled in 答案:C 11.Tom arrived at 8 and Bill arrived ten minutes A.later 答案:A 12.The prisoner has been deprived of many 答案:C 13.Please be careful when you are drinking coffee in case you carpet. A.crash 答案:D 14.Numerous efforts have been A.taken 答案:B B.made to improve the laws but none haave been C.done D.had as successful as those devised by the State of Oregon. B.pollute D.stain the new B.information that average citizens enjoy. C.privileges D.conditions B.latter C.lately . D.late when the light turned red. B.pulled out C.pulled up D.pulled over B.plan C.schedule . D.arrangement of deciding anything for himself. B.ineffective C.incompetent D.unable B.pace C.speed of modern life. D.growth B.go up C.grow up D.grow into . , she found herself in a hospital. B.came to C.came over D.came up

15.The chairman asked members to cast their votes for or against the A.concept 答案:C 16.The magician picked several persons them to help him with the performance. accident 答案:B 17.Despite their good service, most inns are less costly than hotels of standards. A.equivalent 答案:A 18.Some people either neutral about them. A.violently D.deliberately 答案:D 19.There is no easy solution to Japan’s labour A.decline 答案:D 20.On turning the corner, we saw the road A.departing 答案:B 21.The managing director took the really his fault. A.guilt 答案:B 22.The new washing machines are A.turned up 答案:C 23.The shop-assistant was straight with his customers. If an article was of quality, he’d tell them so. A.humble 答案:B B.inferior C.minor D.awkward B.turned down at the rate of fifty a day. C.turned out B.blame C.charge B.descending steeply. C.decreasing B.vacancy C.rarity . D.shortage B.enthusiastically C.sincerely avoid questions of right and wrong or remain B.alike C.uniform D.likely random C.on occasion from the audience and asked B.conclusion C.proposal D.prediction


D.on average


for the accident, although it was not D.accusation

D.turned off

24.His tastes and habits A.combine 答案:C 25.The branches could hardly A.retain 答案:B B.sustain

with those of his wife. B.compete C.coincide D.compromise

the weight of the fruit. C.maintain D.remain .

26.With all its advantages, the computer is by no means without its A.boundaries D.limitations 答案:D 27.Visitors are asked to A.contrast 答案:C 28.He A.put on 答案:D 29.The microscope can A.magnify 答案:A 30.We A.subject 答案:B 31.She once again mistakes from it. A.pulled through C.broke through 答案:D 32.Plastic bags are useful for holding many kinds of food, clearness, toughness, and low cost. A.for the sake of virtue of 答案:C 33. had the van turned the corner than wheel came off. A.Scarcely B.Hardly C.No longer D.No sooner connection with the case of their B.saw through D.went through Edison’s success to his intelligence and hard work. B.attribute C.awake D.refer the object 100 times in diameter. B.increase C.develop D.multiply so much work that he couldn’t really do it efficiently. B.depended on on B.consult with the regulations. C.comply B.restraints C.confinements


D.took on

her composition carefully to eliminate all spelling

答案:D 34.The destruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount of money could A.stand up to with 答案:B 35.Then the speaker crisis. A.went after 答案:C 36.The students was just about to the answer. A.arrive at 答案:D 37.When there are small children around, it is necessary to put bottles of pills out of A.reach 答案:A 38.The A.sight 答案:A 39.In Beijing, the best A.season 答案:A 40.Free medical A.judgement 答案:D 41.Sleeping in a single room with bath in this hotel A.spends 答案:D 42.Although he had looked through all the reference material on the subject, he still found it hard to understand this point and her explanation only confusion. A.extended B.amounted C.added D.turned to his B.demands C.asks a guest $ 60 a night. D.costs in this region covers only sickness of mind. B.government C.development D.treatment of the year is probably late autumn. B.session D.climate of blood always makes him feel sick. B.view C.look D.form . B.hand C.hold B.submit to out D.give up the questions, when suddenly he found B.went for C.went into D.went on the various factors leading to the present economic . B.make up for C.come up with D.put up

答案:C 43. A completely new situation arises when the government has decided to rely on the people to A.overcome D.overhead 答案:A 44.It took him several months to A.tend 答案:D 45.They are ready to cut the federal government A.budget 答案:A 46. Many countries have abolished the A.dying 答案:C 47.The children A.congratulated 答案:D 48.Happy marriage does not necessarily involve the couple having much in A.common 答案:A 49. The book will be published by Cambridge University Press in British Museum. A.relation 答案:D 50.Watch-making and tourism are the chief A.projects 答案:C 51.The newspaper devoted a suburbs. A.column 答案:A B.corner C.queue D.row to the discussion of the development of the B.campaigns of that country. B.connection C.correlation D. collaboration with the . B.same C.similar D.familiar at the end of the song. B.clapped C.snapped D.applauded B.dead penalty for the hardened criminals. C.death D.deadly B.program C.export for the next fiscal year. D.figure B.cultivate the wild horse. C.breed D.tame the difficulties. B.overhear C.overestimate

52.Jane’s A.acquaintance

for gardening is aroused by all of these beautiful flowers. B.familiarity C.achievement

D.enthusiasm 答案:D 53.My wool sweater A.decreased 答案:C 54.I caught a 答案:B 55.The judge said that he was performance. A.imposed 答案:B 56. The neighbors do not consider him quite them with his drunken singing. A.respectful 答案:C 57.My aunt never married because her father didn’t man she loved. A.consent 答案:A 58.The employers of this big company are facing. A.conceited 答案:C 59.I am very A.eloquent D.spoiled 答案:B 60.It took him several months to tame the A.tender 答案:D B.soft C.friendly horse. D.wild of all the support you gave me. B.appreciative C.jealous B.awful C.aware D.awkward of the challenge they are B.confirm C.contend D.conceive to her marriage to a B.respected C.respectable D.respective as most evenings he awakens B.impressed C.touched D.interested by the high standards of the rider’s of the bus before it disappeared around the corner. B.glimpse C.look D.view when I washed it. B.withdrew C.shrank D.declined

Exercise Ten

1.The book has been well reviewed, but successful. need of 答案:D contrast to

actual sales it hasn’t been very place of terms of the rest of the class.

2. The farmers’ children have had great deal of trouble A.mixing up with C.getting along with 答案:C 3.You don’t have to have this telephone in your new car; it’s a(n) A.alternative D.abnormal 答案:C 4.They decided that student’s demands were too A.reasonable 答案:D B.reluctant C.scared B.alternate C.optional B.getting away with up to


to be accepted. D.radical

5.The farmers had to wear heavy boots in the winter because the fields were so wet and A.dusty 答案:C 6.The idea that the earth is flat was A.exhibited 答案:C 7.They have had three A.continual D.successive 答案:D 8.All office buildings must comply with the fire and safety A.relations 答案:C B.requests C.regulations . D.replies days of heavy rain. B.successful C.gradual B.showed wrong centuries ago. C.proved D.displayed . B.earthy C.muddy D.soiled

9.The newspaper suburbs. A.devoted 答案:A 10.The policeman about the matter. A.lowered 答案:B

a column to the discussion of the development of the B.opened C.founded D.cleared

his shoulder as if to say there was nothing he could do B.shrugged C.lifted D.folded

11.Her humorous remarks seemed beforehand. A.precise 答案:C B.blank

, but were in fact carefully prepared C.spontaneous D.bold , we often have

12.There is very little rain in this region of the country. crop failures. A.Consequently C.Relatively 答案:A 13.That A.bit 答案:D 14.Communication is the process of audience via a channel. A.transmitting 答案:A 15.Mike didn’t realize that his passport had already A.abolished 答案:B 16.Their refusal of my proposal doesn’t A.lean on 答案:B 17.To our great A.freedom D.relief 答案:D , the accident caused little damage. B.relaxation C.release on B.expired . B.submitting C.transforming B.Simultaneously D.Necessarily

of news you told me the other day has yet to be confirmed. B.sheet C.block D.piece

a message from a source to an D.switching

D.dismissed reasonable analysis.

C.base on

D.fall back on

18.Mr. Zhang came to the mainland from Taiwan last week, and his old dream of reunion with his parents A.came to life C.came vivid 答案:D 19.Mother needs together. A.traditional 答案:D 20.The children were allowed to watch television to their hearts’ A.satisfaction 答案:C 21.Jane tried to clean the house, but her 10-month-old baby was always her way 答案:A 22.If you want to know the train A.plan 答案:B 23.He gave his listeners a vivid A.illustration 答案:B 24.Don’t worry about it. I’ll A.mention C.take into account 答案:D 25.If a A.question 答案:B 26.All the people on the ship were saved except the captain, who voluntarily to safeguard the ship. A.stayed behind C.lagged behind 答案:A B.fell behind behind is made with majority voting, each member state can, in special B.decision D.division cases, assert its particular national interests. your suggestion with my boss. to over B.account of his journey through Egypt. C.myth D.legend B.schedule , please inquire at the booking office. D.arrangement a way her place D.out of place . B.comfort C.content . D.amusement B.practical C.ordinary D.additional help in the kitchen on weekends when all of us get . B.came into being D.came true

27.It remains unknown how they will A.respond 答案:B B.react to

our proposal. C.regard as D.consider about

28.Multiple-choice questions cannot examine the real condition of the student. exams. A.Accordingly 答案:A 29.Because of the A.great 答案:B 30.Many a brisk argument and A.quarrel 答案:A 31.His stomach began to A.pain 答案:C 32.His job was to A.sort 答案:A 33.The ice is too thin to 答案:A 34.Does it A.make way 答案:D 35.What a pleasant A.shadow 答案:B 36.It’s crime. A.believable 答案:D B.humorous C.exciting D.surprising that the innocent-looking person should have committed such a these trees give us! B.shade C.shame D.shape to let little children play with fireworks. B.make believe C.make sure D.make sense B.resist your body. C.load D.take B.give out the good apples from the bad ones. C.carry D.choose B.harm because of the bad food he had eaten. C.ache D.hurt B.laughter breaks out as the weary queues push and C.barrel D.bargain shove each other to get on buses and tubes. fog, the constructors have to stop their work. B.thick C.big D.high B.Because C.However D.Moreover , task-based items have been used more and more in the

37.Parents A.glanced 答案:C

at the boy because he failed to pass the entrance examination. B.peered C.glared D.gazed seats well in advance. D.take

38. It’s a very popular play, and it would be wise to 答案:A 39.In order to use a highly experienced. A.physical 答案:D 40.She cooked the meat for a long time so as to make it A.light 答案:B 41.The computer revolution may well change society as Industrial Revolution. A.fundamentally C.insignificantly 答案:A B.comparatively D.certainly B.tender C.slight B.physicist C.physic C.provide

laboratory, the teacher has to be well trained or D.physics enough to eat.

D.mild as did the

42.A lot of ants are always invading my kitchen. They are a thorough A.trouble 答案:B 43.Oil was formed from the millions of years ago. A.ruins 答案:B 44.Luxurious hotels much higher. A.divert 答案:B 45.Hospital doctors don’t go out very often time. A.even if 答案:D that C.though B.differ C.change D.alternate B.remains C.fragments of plants and animals that lived on earth B.nuisance C.worry D.anxiety



from simple ones in that the prices of the former are

their work takes up all their

46.Why do you look so A.miserable 答案:A

? You never smile or look cheerful. B.unfortunate C.sorry D.rude about the food he eats. D.unusual . D.into effect to the needs of D.attentive

47.My brother likes eating very much but he isn’t A.special 答案:C 48.Think and decide for yourself. Don’t take everything A.into practice 答案:C 49.In the past few decades parents have become more their children. A.visible 答案:D B.initial C.talkative heart C.for granted B.peculiar C.particular

50.It was estimated that some important skills were then passed on to generations from their ancestors. A.frequent 答案:B 51.Half a dozen of Chinese-Americans were work in natural sciences this century. A.rewarded 答案:D 52.The bankruptcy of the multinational corporation is and worldwide financial crisis. A.due to to 答案:A 53.The local government entertainment center. A.introduced 答案:C 54.As the pollution of the A.circumstances D.surroundings grows more and more serious, people wonder B.conditions C.environment there may be no pure water in near future. B.produced C.conducted D.performed a survey to find out general reaction to the B.owing to C.according to D.thanks poor management B.honored C.favored D. awarded the Nobel Prizes for the B.subsequent C.consequent D.eloquent

答案:C 55.His fame as a poet was not poems. A.established 答案:A 56. The leader’s mere A.display D.disclosure 答案:B 57.To our surprise, the eight-year-old boy had a good language. A.command D.takeover 答案:A 58.It was inadvisable of the businessman to like that. A.endanger 答案:D 59.What she says A.stands 答案:B 60.We’re using technology to A.increase 答案:B B.enhance our levels of service. C.heighten D.intensify little relation to what she actually does. B.bears C.endures D.brings B.threaten C.menace D.risk his money on an investment B.control C.domination of the Italian during the political crisis produced a calming effect. B.presence C.discovery B.founded C.set up D.built until he published his second selection of



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2019大學英語四級詞匯練習題及答案(4) - 2019 大學英語四級詞匯練習題及答案(4) 1.Niagara Falls is a great tourist ___ drawing ...


含答案) 大學英語四級高頻詞匯訓練 100 題(含答案) Examlink 收集整理 羅志中 大學英語四級高頻詞匯訓練( 大學英語四級高頻詞匯訓練(一) 1.With the ___of Mary...


大學英語四級詞匯練習及答案詳解(2)_英語考試_外語學習_教育專區。大學英語四級詞匯練習及答案詳解(2) 新東方在線 [ ]網絡課堂電子教材系列 大學...

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